Why CDV?

The Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland (CDV) is the oldest private university in Poznań. Throughout the first 20 years of existence on the Higher Education map of Poland it was attracting some 1,500 students each year. Now, as it has undergone a rebranding process to better fill the needs of our dynamically changing job market, Collegium Da Vinci has been proudly established its position in the university sector with a unique range of study at B.A , MA. and Postgraduate Diploma level.

CDV program offer is closely interconnected with relevant institutions and companies in Poland and abroad, to create a practical curriculum, based on economic forecasts and the development of the job market in the world. That is why CDV places such an emphasis on practical classes led by valued professionals and potential future employers. CDV Flexible Study Paths give our students opportunities to combine their professional and family commitments.

In short, Collegium Da Vinci offers:

  • Joint projects with companies such as IBM, Microsoft or International Coach Federation: free training and engaging projects, relevant international certificates.
  • A modern building, fully equipped teaching rooms, comprehensive sport facilities – all this in a pleasing environment set in contemporary art.
  • Part of the programs is run in the form of online lectures and e-learning. This means that you can take active part in classes without leaving your home.

And because we simply love our City!

7000 students
have trusted us
since 1996

We have
a network of

350 Lecturers
47 Professors
25 Assistant Professors
143 PhDs
135 Specialists

1500 incoming
each year