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Information Technology is a major, in which for the past 15 years we have successfully educated engineers the most sought in the labour market. Among our Partners there are the largest IT companies, including Microsoft and IBM.

We are proud to promote our students’ projects! During Poznań Game Arena 2014 Fair, our students presented their latest productions –“Tacolypse” and “Dresy vs. Metale” games.


  • Software engineering in mobile and web applications

A specialisation that will prepare you to work as a developer (programmer), a designer of applications and services, intelligent solutions (Internet of Things and wearable technology), operating in a distributed, cloud and hybrid environment. This specialisation may be studied in specific detail during the last two semesters.

  • Computer network engineering

A specialisation that will prepare you to work as an administrator, a person managing, maintaining and designing IT infrastructure, in particular virtual solutions (virtualisation platforms), distributed, cloud solutions and those adapted to work in the Data Center.

Become an IT engineer!




Experts say:


Robert Wiśniewski
Project Manager,
“Students and graduates of Information Technology took part in two recruitment processes that we conducted. From the first minutes of a job interview, we knew we wanted to work with them. They stand out from other candidates owing to their mature approach to work, practical knowledge and high motivation. In both cases, we are very pleased with the results they achieve and with how quickly they develop.”


In the context of embedded systems, students learn how to programme Arduino devices that form part of the IoT (Internet of Things) technology – namely microcomputers controlling devices of everyday use.


  • Modern technical facilities 
  • Advanced software 
  • Computer game laboratory equipped with XBOX consoles, Kinect controllers and TVs as well as computers provided with the cutting-edge game programming engine - Unreal Engine 4.0.
  • Laboratory for programming mobile devices equipped with Windows Phone and Android system phones.
  • Practical approach 70% of classes have a practical dimension (workshops and computer labs) and are run by specialists from companies recognised in the IT industry
  • Math and physics classes are reduced to its essential minimum just to be able to understand IT terms.
  • Collaboration with prosperous company that gives our students opportunity to learn professional IT tools, participate in internships and get certificates valued by employers or even get a job.
  • Possibility to choose additional subjects that are available in Collegium Da Vinci e.g. Graphics, Mediaworking, Consulting and Coaching, Creative Management, Urban Management

Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Information Technology will allow you to gain the following skills:

  • solving specific IT problems,
  • knowledge of modern technologies, solutions and IT systems,
  • designing, developing and testing modern software with the use of modern IT tools,
  • creative and entrepreneurial thinking and acting,

Basic modules for all:

  • Operating systems
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Internet technologies
  • Security of systems

Modules for the Software engineering in mobile and web applicationsspecialisation:

  • Design of graphical user interfaces and web pages
  • Multi-tier applications

Modules for the Computer network engineering specialisation:

  • Design and management of computer networks
  • Parallel and distributed processing

Novelty! Information Technology modules contain elements of Mathematics, Physics and Electronics only to the extent necessary to understand IT issues!



As a graduate of the Information Technology major, you can work in:

  • companies developing mobile solutions and applications,
  • companies creating computer games and multimedia applications,
  • companies creating web applications,
  • R&D (research & development) centres,
  • groups of developers.

As a graduate of the Information Technology at CDV, you will be able to find employment as:

a Help Desk specialist, technical consultant, junior/senior administrator, software tester, junior/senior programmer (developer), designer/developer of web and mobile applications, Windows administrator, Unix/Linux administrator, database administrator, application administrator, Cloud System Administrator



We offer a wide range of IT subjects to choose from.
It is up to you, to decide in which particular area you would like to be an expert!

Moreover, on completion of the group project the student shall gain practical knowledge and skills in an IT group, as well as project work. At CDV, IT students are offered a unique programme of specialisations in the context of Polish Higher Education. As a result, a graduate of IT is fully prepared to further undertake MA study either in Poland or abroad.

Design your own study path by choosing:

  • the Study Major,
  • a language (Polish or German),
  • the relevant sport,
  • two out of four Humanities Modules,
  • electives (you need to gain 200 hours, choosing from 280 modules),
  • relevant subjects from a given specialisation.

Semester IhoursECTS
PA I 20 1
Introduction to study 20 5
Introduction to ICT 50 5
Introduction to programming 50 5
Algorithms and Data Structures 100 10
Polish for foreigners studying in Polish 60 2
Semester IIhoursECTS
PA II 20 1
Foreign Language I 40 5
OS’s and System Programming 100 10
Security Fundation 50 5
Structural Programming 50 5
Network foundation 50 5
Polish for foreigners studying in Polish 60 2
Semester IIIhoursECTS
Foreign Language II 40 5
Human-Computer Interaction 50 5
Computer Architecture 50 5
Object-Oriented Programming 100 10
Data Bases Fundation 50 5
Semester IVhoursECTS
Foreign Language III 40 5
Selectable module I (humanism and social sciences) 50 10
Embeded Systems 50 5
Internet Technologies 50 5
Specialisation Module I 100 10
Specialisation Module II 50 5
Semester VhoursECTS
Selectable module II (open winter edt) 50 10
Embeded Systems 50 5
Software Engineering 50 5
Specialisation Module III 100 10
Specialisation Module IV 50 5
Semester VIhoursECTS
Selectable module III (open summer edt) 50 10
Artificial Intelligence 50 5
Diploma Team Project I 50 5
Specialisation Module V 50 5
Specialisation Module VI 50 5
Semester VIIhoursECTS
Getting Money in ICT 50 5
Diploma Team Project II 50 5
Specialisation Module VII 50 5
Diploma Exam - 5
Internships 120 5
Internet and Mobile ApplicationshoursECTS
GUI and Web Design 100 10
Advanced DB 50 5
Multilayer Applications 100 10
Data Analysis 50 5
Mobile Applications 50 5
Cloud Computing & IoT 50 5
Content Management Systems 50 5
IT Systems and InfrastructurehoursECTS
Network Management and Security 100 10
Linux Server Management 50 5
Enterprise Networking 100 10
Windows Server Management 50 5
Documentation And Automatization 50 5
Data Center 50 5
Collaboration and communication 50 5
Bachelor of Engineering in English in the field of Information Technology at CDV:
  • Full-time programme lasts 3.5 years - 7 semesters.

You will specialize in the following fields:

  • designer and programmer of mobile applications
  • designer and programmer of computer games, including the Xbox360 console
  • designer and manager of computer networks
  • administrator and manager of database systems
  • free-lance professional, capable of corporate IT problem-solving

Software engineering in mobile and web application

If you want:

  • to work as a programmer (developer)
  • acknowledge and use new programming environments
  • design internet, web, multimedia, mobile apps or games e.g. using Unity engine
  • design intelligent solutions and services ( Internet of Things, Wearable Technology)

Basic modules:

  • Operating system
  • Algorithms and structures of data
  • Internet technologies
  • Security of systems

Modules for specialization Internet and mobile apps:

  • Designing graphical interfaces and websites
  • Multilayer apps


Computer network engineering

If you want:

  • to work as an administrator, manage and maintain IT infrastructure
  • build, configure and secure network infrastructure
  • design IT infrastructure, mainly virtual solutions

Basic modules:

  • Operating system
  • Algorithms and structures of data
  • Internet technologies
  • Security of systems

Modules for specialization Systems and IT infreastructure

  • Designing and managing computer networks
  • Parallel and distributed processing


  • Cloud system administrator
  • Apps administrator
  • Data base administrator
  • Unix/Linux administrator
  • Windows administrator
  • Mobile/internet apps designer/programmer
  • Junior/senior programmer (developer)
  • Software tester
  • Junior/senior administrator
  • Technical consultant
  • Helpdesk specialist
ACTIVITES – activities realized in the college: workshops, exercises, seminars, lectures, lectureships, laboratories, physical education activities and practices at workplaces.
PROJECTS – independent student’s work under the wings of academic teacher: realizing projects related to the activities, case study with practices, open lectures, science club, consultations with practices, Career’s office schooling



  • Math and physics classes are reduced to its essential minimum just to be able to understand IT terms.
  • The course includes modules based on modern technologies such as Internet of Things or Cloud Computing.
  • System specialization and IT infrastructure was entirely compiled in close agreement with Trecom’s engineers.
  • The course includes Team projects and solving dually case studies.
  • Exercises are being realized using e.g. virtual work environment that lets you freely execute commands in operating systems.
  • Exercises using network equipment lets you configure e.g. the trace of sending packets.
  • As a CDV student you will get completely out of charge the latest Microsoft Office software.
  • We want our student to develop completely and according to their beliefs, thus apart from specialization, you can also choose additional subjects related to other courses that are available in Collegium Da Vinci e.g. graphics, media-working, coaching and consulting, pro-development education and creative management.



Study and practice!

Collegium Da Vinci works in close agreement with Talex SA business.

The outcome is practice and internship program that raise the attractiveness of a student, and later students graduate on the labor market through learning in direct contact with practice in Talex SA business.

Being a graduate lets you start your work not as an amateur but experienced specialist, which with ease finds yourself in the structures of a company and at once effectively realizes his duties!

Why Talex?

We found a partner, for whom human resources training is a crucial part of business culture, big enough to satisfy expectations of our students with variety of offer and simultaneously being a local company that thinks of people in individualized way. In Talex SA we met interesting people that like what they do and do it extremely well.

How does it work?

We offer you a complex practice and internship program in Talex SA business:

• Starting with the first semester, one day a week you will spend in Talex SA headquarters learning the specifics of different workplaces and realizing specific tasks in the cooperation with the company team. The rest of the days are realized at CDV according to the schedule.

Those students that are not interested in the practice and internship program in Talex SA business have the possibility to choose the place of their practices themselves starting with the second semester. These can be other partners or businesses in the fields of study.

Studying in the field of computer science ends with a diploma thesis, realized as a team project, with practical application. It's not just a perfect entry to a portfolio, but it's also a perfect moment to summarize your skills and competences.

If you have any inquiries about the program, please contact Dr. Eng. Janina Rudowicz-Nawrocka

*Full-time study program aimed at IT students

CDV Rector, Krzysztof Nowakowski, PhD, Eng.,
an Information Technology lecturer at CDV

“Having carefully analysed the expectations of the labour market and employers, we have developed a unique offer of specialisations and extremely practical studies. Our staff is composed of a team of experienced practitioners and experts, who provide our students with a balanced development of knowledge, skills and IT competencies such as communication skills, teamwork abilities and entrepreneurship. Cooperation with partners such as Microsoft and IBM guarantees the use of the latest developments, tools and technologies in the course of study - and it's absolutely free.”

Arkadiusz Majewski
The owner of MEDIAKOMP FHU, a lecturer at CDV

“Students making both reports and projects during computer labs already at the beginning of their studies, as well as complex collaborative projects, are oriented to practical solutions related to the latest developments in computer science. They are eager to implement systems based on artificial intelligence, which is an extremely fast growing area in the IT industry. They work on living organisms, thus gaining experience, and face real problems.”

Radosław Małecki, Eng.
Junior Software Engineer, Samsung R&D Poland

“Engineering studies in Information Technology allowed me to gain knowledge and experience, which resulted in taking up a job immediately after graduation. Qualified staff and class schedule corresponding to today's reality are the main advantages of studying in CDV. It is possible to practically use skills gained, for instance in the Scientific Society of IT Specialists functioning in the major. It is exactly the work in this Society that allowed me to take part in the prestigious international competition Microsoft Imagine Cup. In addition, the university has attractive offers of paid internships and work placements, in which I also had the opportunity to participate. In my professional work, I use skills acquired during my studies, i.e. knowledge of object-oriented programming and software engineering.”



Degree ProgramLanguage of instructionTypeDegree offeredDuration of study (in semesters)Tuition fee per yearTuition fee per semesterTuition fee in monthly installments (12)*Registration fee
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POLISH PART-TIME Bachelor of Science (Engineer) 8 6600 PLN 3300 PLN 550 PLN 250 PLN*
POLISH FULL-TIME Bachelor of Science (Engineer) 7 6600 PLN 3300 PLN 550 PLN 250 PLN*
ENGLISH FULL-TIME Bachelor of Science (Engineer) 7 2280 EUR 1140 EUR 190 EUR


65 EUR**

* if you submit all the required documents untill 31.07.2018

** if you submit all the required documents untill 31.07.2018

*** visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying




Enrolment for the next 2014/2015 academic year will begin on 14th April 2014.
Degree in IT StudiesDuration (years)Type of studiesTuition per 1 year
(paid in full)

Tuition paid in 12 installments

Admission fee
Bachelor 3,5 Full-time 3 000 EUR 250 EUR 125 EUR
Bachelor 4 Part-time 3 000 EUR 250 EUR 125 EUR

You may wish to prepare the following:

1. A certificate or relevant document obtained abroad, legalised and/or with an apostille (authentication) attached, which authorises you to apply for enrolment at a higher learning institution. This must be in line with Polish regulations on the recognition of foreign school certificates. In the case of higher degree studies (master’s programmes), a legalised foreign graduation diploma, or one with an apostille attached, or an equivalent document is required.

2. A medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for you to take up studies in a chosen field and specific study mode.

3. A visa or a residence card or relevant document entitling you to stay in Poland.

4. An insurance policy to cover medical treatment costs incurred in the event of illness or accident while studying in Poland or an European Health Insurance Card. These documents must be obtained within 30 days of enrolment and not later than 30th September 2014. No such documents are necessary if you join the Polish National Health Fund.

5. All foreign-language documents must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.



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