Overseas studies under the new Erasmus+ programme

Collegium Da Vinci has received the Erasmus University Charter for the new Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme. This certificate authorises ShaJ to engage in international student and academic staff exchange, which is financed by the EU. Under the new programme students can apply to partner universities abroad to complete part of their studies or complete student practica.

General Information

The new programme is based on the past experience and success of previous programmes, though its impact is to be more significant. In accordance with the basic aims of the programme, investment in education and training is the key to freeing human potential, regardless of age and social situation.

Study exchange

In the Erasmus+ programme students can go abroad to companies, research centres, non-profit centres and to other institutions such as museums, libraries, hospitals etc.

It is not possible to go on an Erasmus practicum in EU institutions or in institutions responsible for EU programme management or indeed, Polish diplomatic posts abroad.

The institution where you would like to spend your practicum has to be in a participatory Erasmus Programme Partner. Study exchanges are organised directly by the Erasmus Programme Co-ordinator at ShaJ. It is you as the student who finds their chosen study-exchange Partner Host and then the Co-ordinator helps to organise your study abroad and to complete all relevant formalities.

Your studies abroad ought to be related to a field of current study. In certain circumstances it shall be an integral part of your degree course (core studies), while in others it shall provide opportunities to gain additional competencies and skills (elective studies). Students at ShaJ, can among others, go abroad for study to Malta.

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