Collegium Da Vinci

"Those who are in love with practice without knowledge are like the sailor who gets into a ship without rudder or compass and who never can be certain whether he is going".

Leonardo da Vinci


The aim of any form of study should be to ensure graduates receive a head start when they venture out into the world. The role of the University therefore is to create the appropriate environment that links theoretical knowledge with its best means of use. At Collegium da Vinci (CDV) we are fully aware of the weight of this task and the corresponding responsibilities that rest upon us. Our aim is to meet the needs of the relevant job market but no less, to meet your needs, Dear Students. Moreover, we aim to provide you with the confidence that you have invested wisely in the most important of your projects – your own personal and professional development.

Collegium da Vinci is a new generation university. It is a true ‘career locomotive’ that aims to shorten the road of every student from ‘studies’ to ‘a professional career’. We hold to the principle of the 3 ‘P’s: Practice, Practice and more Practice. As you well know, over 70% of classes at CDV is in fact of a practical nature and we do our utmost to ensure that classes are run by true experts in their field. All of this of course is complemented by a relevant dose of theory, which is part and parcel of hands-on learning. Every year we aim to offer something new, unique and value added. Innovative majors are being established as are workshops, apprenticeships and practica, which all provide students ‘that extra something’ they happen to be looking for – abilities and skills that have direct application in professional life.

This is why at the beginning of 2015 the name shall change from Higher School of Humanities and Journalism to Collegium da Vinci

We are still the very same and at the same time, the best private university in Wielkopolska. The Da Vinci Academy has traditions, expert qualified staff, modern infrastructure and degrees that employers across Poland readily accept and eagerly recognise. The new name is a symbol of changes that are part and parcel of the study ethic. We sincerely believe that it is never too late for study or too early for putting theory into practice and moreover – that only a constant challenge to one’s abilities can provide the opportunity to achieve success.

Collegium Da Vinci is your Start Up in life!

Together, we shall be the pacesetters for change. Proud of our achievements to date, the University would like to sincerely thank you for being an integral part of it’s contribution to professional careers and that you take pride in representing it. Together we continue to create a bank of skills and abilities that are highly valued by future employers. The new Collegium da Vinci – successor to WSNHiD, is an exciting centre of learning where knowledge, satisfaction and practice are all equally important.

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