Admission steps for candidates from abroad

The admission has started!

How to apply to Collegium Da Vinci:

Step 1. Select your degree program

Choose from one of our Bachelor Degree programs in English or Polish or Master Degree program in Englsh

Step 2. Check the requirements for the selected Bachelor Degree program
A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here: list of documents
Step 3. Submit your application

Your application needs to be filled out online here:



Step 4. Wait to receive a PreAcceptence Letter

If you meet all of CDV application requirements, you have submitted your online application AND you have paid a Registration Fee payment of 65 EUR (non-refundable) -untill 31.07.2018 to the CDV account, specified below you will receive a scanned PreAcceptance Letter from CDV which will allow you to make a Tuition Fee payment. At the same time you should send us a complete package of application documents for admission. A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here:

CDV account details for registration fee payment:

BZ WBK S.A Ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 2-8, 53-569 Wrocław

Account numer: PL 79 1090 1476 0000 0001 3626 7962 


Step 5. 

Remember! Your English Language skills will be tested:

  • Skype interview  in the middle of July
  • Interantional English Level Certificate

Generally your English needs to comply with at least the B1 level. 

Step 5. Get an Acceptance Letter
If you have submitted all documents, got the PreAcceptance letter and made a Tuition fee payment, you will receive an Acceptance letter for visa.

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